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MORFBEATS was established in 2016 after Marvin Morford, my grandfather, passed down his welder to me. This was ultimately the beginning of MORFBEATS. 

The purpose of MORFBEATS  is to create instruments that expand the range of a musician's sound. These pieces are not only instruments, but also works of art. Each piece has been designed and created by either myself Adam Morford, or my brother Austin Morford. Each Instrument is also hand crafted and manufactured by my brother and I. My goal is to introduce instruments that are unlike any that you have ever seen. Music has been a passion for me all of my life and I look forward to sharing these instruments with you. 


Adam Morford

Mega Slay Bells

MORFBEATS is dedicated to providing the highest quality instruments that are also truly an art form. Each instrument is hand-crafted and given every attention to detail. It is our goal to produce instruments that create amazing sound and leave people wondering "What is that?!?" Every piece is different and allows for a unique experience. Whether you are looking for a small piece or a large statement piece, we are here to provide you with the instrument that will fulfill your needs. Feel free to contact us with any questions at Thanks!


"Adam Morford [Morfbeats] is one of a few true innovators of metal percussion in the world. I Always Have some morfbeats in my road case when I play live."


Billy Martin of Medeski, Martin and Wood


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Adam Morford
Creator of MORFBEATS,
Designer, Welder, Builder and Visionary 

Austin Morford
Builder, Engraver, and Manager of Operations 


Team Morfbeats

For any inquiries, email us at and one of us will respond promptly. Thank you!! 

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